At this point, no one questions whether the new Tesla Model S P85D is fast. There are plenty of videos on the Internet of it destroying supercars off the line, and even some of it scaring adults.

Now for the big question: How do kids react to it? Or more importantly, how do kids react to the P85D's "insane" mode?


Tesla and Dream Drives for Kids teamed up and found out the answer to this question at Portland International Raceway.

The video above is nothing short of entertaining. There's screaming, laughing, and some kids flat out just shut their eyes as their heads are pressed back into the headrest.


Do these kids truly know how the Model S P85D works? No. Does it matter? Not a bit.

But there's one thing to take away: The Tesla Model S definitely made an impression on these young kids, and there's something to be said for starting them young.