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It was the dawn of of motoring the last time George Parrott hit the drag strip for some fun... Alright, not really, but it’s been 50 years, and that’s a good amount of time. What’s more, back then, he just watched.

But, recently he decided to take his Tesla Model S P85D to the strip to face off against some other metal. How hard could it be, right? Watch the lights drop and then boom, slam the accelerator and have all that instant torque flow to all four wheels, launching you down the strip effortlessly.


All that happened exactly as described, the one bit Mr. Parrott had to improve was his reaction time. That, is something the all-wheel-drive electric car with insane mode can’t do for him.

Watch the video above to see George hit the strip in his Tesla Model S P85D, and head over to Green Car Reports at the link below to get his full take on the experience.

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