You've probably noticed a lot more talk regarding hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles recently, and you'd better get used to it as there's more to come.

California is actually giving preferential treatment to hydrogen fuel-cell cars over electric cars, but why? We dig into that in the article below.

Some cold hard facts:

- These vehicles will not make money for the automakers, at least initially.

- Available in California only, for now.

- Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota are big hydrogen supporters.

- California's going to devote as much as $100 million to building hydrogen refueling stations.

-California's purchase rebate for hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles is double that provided to any battery-electric vehicle.


There are plenty of skeptics when it comes to battery-electric vehicles, and just as many when it comes to hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. California is clearly drawing a line in the sand, which begs the question: will other states follow suit?