This 71-year-old novice drag raced his Tesla Model S P85D

It was the dawn of of motoring the last time George Parrott hit the drag strip for some fun... Alright, not really, but it’s been 50 years, and that’s a good amount of time. What’s more, back then, he just watched. »5/05/15 3:11pm5/05/15 3:11pm


Watch the Tesla Model S P85D make kids scream and laugh

At this point, no one questions whether the new Tesla Model S P85D is fast. There are plenty of videos on the Internet of it destroying supercars off the line, and even some of it scaring adults. »3/17/15 12:58pm3/17/15 12:58pm

Why does the Tesla Model X keep getting delayed?

It's no secret: The Tesla Model X electric SUV is coming, and electric-car fans, Tesla owners, and automotive geeks alike are all excited about it. Originally scheduled to launch late in 2013, to say the Model X is late would be an understatement. It's been delayed multiple times, but why?… »2/09/15 11:43am2/09/15 11:43am

Toyota exec slams Tesla for making only electric cars

Tesla is the darling child that people seem to just love to hate. Whether it be automakers, dealership associations, or lobbyists, haters gonna to hate. Remember that time a Hyundai executive trash-talked Tesla? »1/28/15 4:10pm1/28/15 4:10pm

GM's next hybrid system is hiding in the 2016 Chevy Volt

Remember when Mary Barra was product chief at GM (before becoming the CEO) and said the company planned to focus on plug-in electric cars and mild hybrids? Well, the mild hybrids bit didn't work out so well, did it? »1/16/15 12:18pm1/16/15 12:18pm

The Bolt is a terrible name for Chevy's next electric car

Yesterday we learned that General Motors' CEO Mary Barra plans to take the sheet off a concept version of Chevrolet's 200-mile electric car on Monday morning. The car that will take on the Tesla Model III. This concept's name? The Bolt. »1/11/15 10:51am1/11/15 10:51am

We drove the new Tesla P85D and, holy hell, it's like a rocket!

There's about to be a ton of used single-motor Tesla Model S electric cars flooding the market. How do we know? Because we just drove the new 2014 Tesla Model S P85D, and every Tesla owner's going to want to trade their car for this thing. »12/22/14 4:48pm12/22/14 4:48pm

Are Republicans actually behind the Tesla sales bans?

Tesla supporters have been wondering: Are state auto-dealer lobbyists working with Republican legislators to push laws banning direct sales of Teslas to retail buyers? It's a valid question, but is it true? »12/17/14 1:14pm12/17/14 1:14pm

Are gasoline cars actually greener than electric cars?

That's the question being poised by many outlets in the last 24 hours, all because of a new study put out by the University of Minnesota that calculates the environmental impact of manufacturing and refueling vehicles with various powerplants. »12/16/14 12:19pm12/16/14 12:19pm

Ford's CEO thinks it can build an electric car like a Tesla

At this point, no one will question whether Tesla has succeeded in disrupting the entire automotive industry, because it has. Now the question is whether mainstream automakers can truly make electric cars that can compete with Tesla. Accord to Ford's new CEO Mark Fields, the Blue Oval can. »10/27/14 11:52am10/27/14 11:52am

10 questions Toyota, Honda & Hyundai need to answer regarding hydrogen fuel-cell cars

It's coming: hydrogen fuel-cell cars are becoming a reality for consumers. That's right, within the next two years, three different hydrogen fuel-cell cars will be on the market in California. »10/16/14 12:33pm10/16/14 12:33pm

Here's what we know about Chevy's next all-electric car

There has been a cloud of mystery surrounding Chevrolet's next all-electric car for various reasons. It's been reported that it will have a 200-mile range and be based on the current Chevrolet Sonic. It seems these reports were a bit off. »10/14/14 12:07pm10/14/14 12:07pm

Face it, Tesla's going to win in every state

Unless you've been in a coma you're probably aware that many dealer associations are causing headaches for Tesla in multiple states. The reason? Well, frankly they are scared. Tesla's new, different, and trying to upset the ridiculously old way of doing things. Change is bad, son. Here's the thing, Tesla keeps winning. »9/18/14 2:29pm9/18/14 2:29pm

Is the Tesla Model 3 actually going to cost $50-$80k?

Tesla's on a roll lately. It just won a dealer battle in Massachusetts, and it's rapidly changing the face of Silicon Valley. It's also plotting out the future with a lot of that hedging on the successful launch of the gen-three car, the Model 3. »9/17/14 11:53am9/17/14 11:53am

Here's how Tesla builds its Supercharger sites

So you want to drive your Tesla Model S across the country and pay for zero electricity? Cool story. Tesla says that's not a problem with its fancy Supercharger stations. But how exactly does Tesla build those Supercharger sites? »8/19/14 1:23pm8/19/14 1:23pm

Here's what we know about GM's 200-mile electric car so far

The market's waiting for the first 200-mile range electric car with a reasonable price tag, and now it's a race to get there. We know Tesla's hard at work on its Model III electric car with a range of 200 miles and a target price of about $35,000, and Nissan's working on battery pack options for the Nissan Leaf, but… »8/18/14 12:11pm8/18/14 12:11pm

Here's why the 707-hp Dodge Hellcat twins don't conflict with green goals

Every single environmentalist has to be muttering, "Are you kidding? Dodge now makes two gas guzzling 707-horsepower cars?!" That thought is true, kind of. As in, Dodge is indeed now going to build not one, but two 707-horsepower cars. But these two Hellcats aren't as anti-green as you think.… »8/13/14 2:35pm8/13/14 2:35pm

What actually happens to electric-car batteries once they leave the cars?

Skeptics repeatedly ask a legitimate question: What happens to all the battery packs? Do they just end up in landfills? »8/12/14 5:36pm8/12/14 5:36pm